Electric body massager with different parts option best quality


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The infrared massager with its penetrating tapping massage helps you feel relaxed. The infrared heat can be selected separately. The device is versatile in its application thanks to its removable handle.

  • Penetrating tapping massage for relaxation
  • Versatile application thanks to removable handle
  • Continuously adjustable massage intensity
  • Infrared heat can be selected separately
  • 3 interchangeable massage attachments
  • Removable and non-slip handle with soft-touch surface
  • Feature of this model is the uniqueness of the design. In fact, it is a loop on the massage head. It is convenient to massage with it by patting. You can remove the handle of the massager at any time and do the procedure in the most convenient way.
    The massager provides an adjustment of the level of intensity of massage and infrared radiation. 2 massage nozzles are available for the user, which he can change if necessary. After choosing the exposure zone, start massage. Soon you will experience warm streams spreading throughout the body and a surge of vital energy
  • .Features:
    Massage Pat.
    Massage using a handle-for hard-to-reach parts of the back and legs.
    Massage only with a massage head-for more purposeful and intensive use.
    Removable massage head with a strap for attaching to the palm.
    Adjustable intensity.


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