Ring Light With Stand For Photo & Video


  • Ring light with stand for photo & video.
  • Selfie light for phone.
  • 360° shooting arm.
  • 3 light modes.
  • 10 dimmable level.

Ring light with stand for photo & video. 360° shooting arm, 3500k-6500K dimmable ring light for video recording.

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A useful item that is frequently used in photography and filmmaking to improve lighting conditions is a ring lamp with a stand. A ring light with a stand for photos and videos has the following important qualities and advantages:

Adjustable Lighting: The ring light is often made out of a ring-shaped cluster of LED lights that emit a gentle, even light. You may often change the light’s intensity to get the ideal lighting effect for your pictures or movies.

Shadow-Free Lighting: The ring lamp’s distinctive shape, which places the light source directly in front of the camera lens, makes it easier to avoid casting shadows on the faces of subjects. This produces a beautiful, well-lit image that is excellent for product photography, portraiture, and cosmetics tutorials.


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