Plastic Magic a Complete Body Massager 8 in 1 Neck and back massager for muscle relaxation


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  • Functions as: kneading massager, rushing massager, stroking massager, pinching massager, grasping massager, pressing massager. 8 interchangeable heads Massages your chest, underarm, side, forearm,belly, abdomen, thigh, knee, heel, neck, shoulder, upper back, elbow, lower back, palm, back of hand, calf, ankle and sole Functions through mains plug Massage or massage can be an alternative to expel fatigue. Massage can also ward off stress.
  • Pressure is made when massaging at certain points in the muscle (pressure point), said to be able to smooth blood circulation until you feel fit again. With massage can also trigger the release of endorphins (neuro-chemicals that relieve pain). As a result, the pain is blocked and the flow of blood and oxygen to the affected area increases. This causes the muscles to relax (rest) and help healing.
  • Product Description Magic Massager 8 in 1 is a massage tool with basic science of so matology (Body Anatomy Sciences) that serves to massage all parts of the body such as head, shoulders, back, waist,buttocks, thighs, calves and feet with 8 different massage eyes used according to function


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