Y60 Smart Watch With 7 Extra Strap


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Introducing the Y60 Smart Watch with 7 Extra Straps – a sophisticated blend of style and functionality that goes beyond the conventional smartwatch experience. This sleek and innovative wearable not only offers cutting-edge technology but also allows you to express your individual style with a variety of interchangeable straps.

The Y60 Smart Watch boasts a vibrant and responsive touch screen, providing a user-friendly interface for effortless navigation through its multitude of features. Stay organized and connected with at-a-glance access to notifications, weather updates, and more, directly from your wrist.

Elevate your health and fitness routines with the Y60’s comprehensive health tracking capabilities. From heart rate monitoring to step counting, this smartwatch provides real-time insights into your physical activity, helping you make informed decisions about your well-being.

What sets the Y60 apart is its versatility in style. Included with the smartwatch are seven extra straps, allowing you to change your look effortlessly to suit different occasions. Whether you prefer a classic leather strap for a formal setting or a vibrant silicone one for your workout, the Y60 adapts to your unique style.


Y60 Smart Watch With 7 Extra Strap
• Android 5.0
• Ios 9.0
• Supported Bluetooth 3.0
• Blood Pressure Operating
• Blood Oxygen Monitoring
• Bluetooth Camera
• Find the Phone
• Weather update
• Stopwatch
• Alarm Bell
• Call Recorder
• Sports Record
• Heart Rate Monitoring
• Standby interface
• Pedometer


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