Mushroom LED Light Lamp Input Voltage : 220V


⦁ Mushroom LED light lamp input voltage: 220V
⦁ Model: Night light with LED sensor
⦁ Light Type: LED
⦁ Light color: 3 color change
⦁ Mushroom: silicon
⦁ Blade: plastic
⦁ Input Voltage: 110V / 220V
⦁ Consumption : 0.5 W
⦁ Plug : EU Plug, US Plug
⦁ Size: 13cm x 5cm

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A charming and stylish lighting fixture that lends a dash of whimsy to any setting is the Mushroom LED Light Lamp. It is made to work with electrical systems that use this voltage standard and has an input voltage of 220V.

This lamp has a beautiful and distinctive mushroom-shaped design. The mushroom’s stalk offers support and stability, and the cap acts as a lampshade. Typically, the cap is composed of a translucent or semi-transparent material, which enables the light to create a gentle glow.

Energy-saving LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology is used in the Mushroom LED Light Lamp. LED lights are renowned for their durability, low power requirements, and environmental friendliness. They reduce energy expenses while providing constant, strong illumination.

They reduce energy expenses while providing constant, strong illumination.

This lamp is a great option for a variety of settings because to the warm and welcoming atmosphere it produces. It may be used as a soft nightlight in a child’s bedroom, an ornamental addition in a living room, or a calming addition to a meditation area. For people who value distinctive and amusing aesthetics, the mushroom pattern lends it a touch of whimsical charm.

Simply insert the Mushroom LED Light Lamp into an appropriate 220V power outlet and start using it. You may change the brightness with a dimmer or an on/off switch, depending on your preferences.


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